Malachi 4

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“The day.” “The last day.” “The day of the Lord.” However you want to say it, there is a fixed day that God has appointed where the world as we know it will end and we will all stand before Him to give an account of our lives here on this earth. 

I like what Matthew Henry said concerning these verses: “The great and terrible day of the Lord is here prophesied of. This, like the pillar of cloud and fire, shall have a dark side turned towards the Egyptians that fight against God, and a bright side towards the faithful Israelites that follow him.” Or in other words, unbelievers will face judgment and believers, washed by the blood of the perfect substitute Lamb, Jesus, will receive their reward. This truly is a “great and terrible” day of reckoning. Will it be great or terrible for you? Will it be great or terrible for your loved ones? Will it be great or terrible for your neighbors?  This day is one that should always be in the forefront of our minds. Not only because it surely will happen, but because of the action it should make us take before that day happens. What are you doing to reach unbelievers? They don’t even know that this day is coming! Who is telling them? How will they know? 

And how are you preparing yourself for this day? Are you sure your life has been surrendered to Jesus and you will stand in His righteousness before the throne? Judgment day is coming.  Are you living in light of that?

Submitted by Stacey P.


Malachi 3

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Have you ever been in a place where you struggled against giving your tithe and using the money to live? I’ve struggled with this, saying God you know I’m tight on money and I really need gas in my car right now.

Notice that Malachi is delivering a message from God urging them not to cheat God out of their tithe (vs.8-9). When you sacrificially give then God will provide. Have you ever give sacrificially and some way or some how God provided?  We see that when we give, God provides for us (vs. 10-12).

So I challenge you today to give your tithe faithfully and see what God does.

Submitted by Aaron U.


Malachi 2

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Emotions and Outward Signs

Verse 2 – “Because you do not take to heart”

It was a religion of surface emotions and outward signs, but not of the heart.  Sin has a way of causing us to harden our hearts.  The Levites (Priests) are an example to us of how we should be…

  1. Reverence: He feared Me and was revenant before My Name.
  2.  Knowing God’s Word: the law of truth was in his mouth.
  3.  Godly Character: He walked with me in peace & equity.
  4.  Preserving and promoting God’s Word: Should keep knowledge and people should seek the law from his mouth.

The priests were to hold the Word of God in knowledge, reverence, and obedience.

How do you act? How do you receive and allow the Word of God to lead and guide you?


Submitted by Jenny M.


Malachi 1

Read Malachi 1

I have four daughters under the age of 9. New parents are fun to watch now. You see it all over their face – the complete exhaustion from taking care of a new baby- watching them navigate life now, as everything they’ve known has gotten flipped upside down!

I vividly remember my first daughter was less than six weeks old. I was crying as she was crying. SHE WAS SO TIRED. I was rocking her for the millionth time; and I say, You need sleep, trust mommy. I know what’s best for you.

Immediately conviction set it.  The Holy Spirit whispered, to me, “Sound familiar?”

I started crying all over again for new reasons. All too often, we ignore our Heavenly father, because we think we know best. But HE does. And he proves it time and time again in scripture! In verse 2, God reassures us of his love for us.

It will never change! God has always loved us and will always love us! It is a central theme across all scripture.  The remainder of the chapter, we should respond according to God’s love. Provide him with our best. Not to give God the leftovers after taking care of everything else.

If you are a parent; you couldn’t imagine feeding every other kid in the neighborhood before you feed your own; no! And our Heavenly father as asking the same of us! To reciprocate His love and give Him our best as He HAS always loved us and has the best in mind for our lives!

Submitted by Sharon G.


Zechariah 14

The great verse at the end of Zechariah brings the whole book full circle from the third verse of chapter one, that as we return to God, He will return to us. That reward of our return to him, is the hope that is declared right here in verse 9.

The hope that we see is something that won’t even fully take place until the end of the age when complete unity will return to the earth as the Lord comes for you and I. The part that I like the best is that this verse allows us to see the thread of hope and His return that is evident throughout God’s Word and not just in the New Testament.

There is a day that is coming… when he will be unanimously regarded as “the One”! The One who saves, the One who delivers, the One who WILL accomplish what He said He would, and the One who will put Satan in his rightful place… this is the one, the ONLY One!

My prayer for you today, is that you will not only see, but you will surrender and position yourself in such a way that you are part of the unity and part of those that He is coming back for. Examine your heart, return to Him, and watch and wait as He returns to you.

Submitted by Pastor Josh P.


Zechariah 13

God will provide a fountain to cleanse and purify sins.  There is also a banishing of idols.  False prophets will feel conviction and be brought to an end.

A third of the people that trust and follow the Lord will be refined like silver, and be tested like gold.

To refine silver, it is heated to 962 ° to separate the impurities.

To test gold you put a drop of liquid nitric acid on a spot.  If the spot turns green it’s not real gold.

Can we stand that type of refining and testing?


Submitted by Kathy B.


Zechariah 12

“On that day”. Every time GOD speaks those words a promise is made. And He says that six times. Six times! What are the important promises you ask? Well I was just about to tell youJ

#1 When everyone is against God’s people, He will strengthen them that they’re enemies are powerless. (3)

#2 God will strike panic into their enemies; they will know God’s people are powerful because of Him. (4-5)

#3 God will give power and destroy their enemies. (6)

#4 God will protect His people and even the weakest of them will have incredible faith. (8)

#5 Anything that comes against God’s people will be destroyed, and God will pour out on His people grace and the desire to seek Him and change their ways. (9)

#6 God’s people will realize their sins and how they have treated God, giving us the knowledge we need to repent and ask for forgiveness in order to live a new life. (11-14)

What is interesting is the order of the promises. All of the   promises speak of God protecting and blessing before they even repent of their sins. He is such a merciful and loving God that when we are against Him He still fights for us.

So as you go through this day think about that. How before you ever walked with God and stood with Him, He still loved you and blessed you. And if you have family members or friends that aren’t in a relationship with Jesus and you are praying for them but it doesn’t seem like they will ever accept God, He is still fighting for them. God is fighting for you today.

Submitted by Caylin P.


Zechariah 11


In verses 15-17, Zechariah was required to portray the wicked shepherd, pointing to the end-time Antichrist. The passage focuses attention on Israel’s spiritual condition and consequences of the rejection of the True Shepherd.

The saddest spectacle earth can show is a shipwrecked life. If a man quenches the light God gives him by self-indulgence and unfaithfulness, he hardens heart. He becomes unvisited by even the desire for any spiritual attainment, than there is a lost soul in the most awful sense, whether here or in the world to come.

Thank God, we are not abandoned. God is with us as a shepherd. He is seeking the lost and feeding those who are in His fold.

John 10:14-16 – I am the good shepherd; I know my own sheep, and they know me, just as my Father knows me and I know the Father.  So I sacrifice my life for the sheep. I have other sheep, too, that are not in this sheepfold.        I must bring them also.  They will listen to my voice, and there will be one flock with one shepherd.

Let us acknowledge and continually follow our Lord and savior Jesus Christ and encourage others to do the same along the way.

Submitted by Rick M.


Zechariah 10

Zechariah’s prophecy, more than 500 years before Christ would appear on the earth, called Jesus the “cornerstone, the tent peg, the bow for battle,” a ruler who was a man of action.

The Messiah would be strong, stable, victorious, and trustworthy, and in all ways the answer to Israel’s problems. And only in Him would the promises to God’s people be fulfilled.

Zechariah prophecies that one day God would unite all of His people, a feat that only God can accomplish. God promises to strengthen His people as long as we stay closely connected to Him. It’s when we stray from Him that we are cut off from our power source. When we stay close to Him, His Spirit enables us to do His will no matter the obstacles!


Submitted by Pastor Ruben V.


Zechariah 9

Now…Not Yet

I love candy. I don’t discriminate against any type. It can be sweet or sour, soft or hard, fruity or chocolaty, I love it all.  I’ve even had candied cactus and chocolate covered crickets. Ok that might not have been by choice.

One type of candy that you might be able to find at any parade could be Now and Later. The hard taffy gets stuck in your teeth because of impatience. I think I almost have broken about three teeth because of that squared sweetness.  If only I would have waited.

I read this chapter and see promises. Promises to destroy Israel’s enemies. Promises a great King will come and rescue His people. Promises peace will come for their weary country. Promises of a nation restored to glory.  Then I think of the Now and Later candy.

As a believer in Christ, we celebrate verse nine every Palm Sunday. That is the now part of our faith.  Then we keep reading on and see the restoration complete.  That is the “not yet” part. We have the hope of being restored with God and become gemstones that sparkle!  Now that is something sweet that I am looking forward too.

Submitted by Pastor Roger T.